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Takeaways from Vive 2023

James Sutcliffe
April 11, 2023
January 17, 2024

I recently attended Vive 2023 in Nashville, which was an informative  experience. The conference brought together healthcare leaders from different parts of the industry to discuss the current state of healthcare and the future direction. The conference highlighted how the industry continues to evolve, especially in a post pandemic era. I came away from the conference with valuable insights I want to share.

Creating a Seamless Patient Experience

More and more organizations recognize that gluing together some of the fragmented silos of healthcare is critical. Healthcare organizations on all sides recognize deploying multiple point solutions across the continuum creates a poor experience for the patient and/or provider, not to mention the complexity of trying to stitch together something that's adjacent to disparate EHR systems.  The all-too-common result is high expenditures with little ROI and slow patient or user adoption.  Industry collaboration is critical to ensure the best possible care and experience is realized which will drive true adoption of digital-care programs.

Leveraging Strategic Partnerships

Leveraging the power of strategic partnerships can quickly amplify a company's capabilities and reach for stickiness. At Veta Health, we understand the importance of building strong partnerships to drive innovation and deliver exceptional customer value. Our recent partnership with IDS/MedSitter creates a more robust longitudinal model of care that connects patients starting in the in-patient environment to care in the home is one great example.  Another high-value example of strategic alingment is Veta Health’s partnership with StelHealth that mutually elevates the capacity to extend care far beyond the common use cases by connecting disparate devices seamlessly and passing data directly into EHR systems. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The Veta Health team at Vive 2023. Left to Right, James Sutcliffe, Clay Malloy, Jennifer Humbert, Jon Boals.                                


 Patient-Centric User Experience

The consumerism of the healthcare experience has never been more present, and a patient-centric user experience is becoming a primary pillar requirement. Today's patients are no longer passive recipients of healthcare services; they are actively involved in their healthcare decisions and expect a personalized experience. As a result, healthcare providers must be agile and innovative to meet these expectations. 

Choosing the Right Partner

Lastly, customers need guidance and reassurance on who they partner with now more than ever. They are looking for rock-solid plans validated with the proof before proceeding. At Veta Health, we understand the importance of providing evidence of our value proposition to our customers. We have invested in data analytics and customer feedback to validate our product's efficacy and ensure we deliver value to our customers. 

The Vive conference was an excellent opportunity to gain insights into the current state of healthcare and its future direction. We remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive better patient healthcare outcomes at Veta Health. We will continue to forge strong partnerships and invest in cutting-edge technology to provide a personalized and seamless digital care experience.

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