Redefining Digital Care through Personalization

Jennifer Humbert
June 27, 2023
January 17, 2024

The healthcare industry has witnessed an accelerated transformation from the rapid adoption of virtual care to a newly formed set of expectations for virtual care. These expectations include creating personalized and engaging models, along with meeting the organization's operational excellence and financial needs. However, healthcare providers face significant challenges in delivering effective and engaging virtual care. At Veta Health, we have developed a comprehensive solution to overcome these obstacles and redefine the virtual care experience in the home. By leveraging customizable workflows, personalized care pathways, and AI-enabled patient guidance, Veta Health's innovative tools enhance provider-patient communication, boost patient engagement, and streamline workflows associated with remote care.

Prosper A Virtual Care Platform

Prosper is a state-of-the-art virtual care platform facilitating scalable and efficient care delivery. Prosper empowers healthcare providers to engage with patients through real-time audio/video and asynchronous communication, device-based remote patient monitoring, personalized patient education, and care coordination tools. By providing a seamless and comprehensive solution for virtual care in the home, Prosper addresses the limitations of traditional systems and electronic medical records (EMRs) not initially designed for remote care environments.

Clinical Services

Veta Health understands that virtual care often requires additional support to address staffing needs and deliver timely remote care. With their RN-led care management team, Veta Health is an extension of your team, providing flexible support ranging from a light-touch approach to a fully supported staff model. This collaboration ensures that patients receive the best possible care while alleviating the burden on your existing team.

Remote Monitoring Devices

Remote monitoring devices are crucial in the virtual care journey, but their complex setup and provider implementation can be cumbersome and negatively impact engagement. Veta Health's platform simplifies remote monitoring by offering easy-to-use, cellular-enabled devices that allow patients to open the box and immediately start using the device to track their health from the comfort of their homes, with no setup required. These devices monitor critical patient vitals and patient-reported outcomes, providing valuable data for healthcare providers. Veta Health ensures that the devices sent to patients are customized to their needs, eliminating the one-size-fits-all approach and optimizing the remote monitoring experience.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             How Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring Can Help Manage Hypertension                                            By embracing remote patient monitoring (RPM), healthcare providers can revolutionize hypertension management, improving patient outcomes while reducing costs. Read the Blog.                                                                

 Dynamic Engagement

Veta Health strongly emphasizes personalized care and effective provider-patient communication to drive patient engagement, reduce burnout, and improve healthcare outcomes. Veta Health ensures patients receive individualized care by leveraging tailored care pathways and utilizing various communication channels such as in-app notifications, SMS text messages, or personalized phone calls. Patients benefit from a holistic virtual care experience tailored to their unique health journey by integrating engagement content, behavioral science, and clinically necessary information.

A Comprehensive Solution

In an era where virtual care has become increasingly prevalent, Veta Health's comprehensive solution stands out as a game-changer, with our mindset of never discharging a patient. By addressing the challenges healthcare providers face in virtual care, Veta Health's Prosper platform, clinical services, and remote monitoring devices offer a seamless and tailored approach to virtual care delivery. With a focus on personalized care pathways, simplified workflows, and enhanced patient engagement, Veta Health is revolutionizing digital healthcare and empowering patients and healthcare providers to achieve better outcomes.

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