Netherlands Heart Network (NHN) “Care4Hearts” pilot uses Veta Health to Remotely Monitor Heart Failure Patients

July 26, 2021
January 17, 2024

 With the completion of a successful pilot engagement with Roche Diagnostics and NHN, Veta Health demonstrated the value of technology in improving the patient experience, evaluating clinician satisfaction, reducing administrative burdens and using a data-driven approach to optimize patient care. The full white paper detailing these findings can be found here.

 The NHN started the “Care4Hearts” project in collaboration with Roche Diagnostics in 2016. The aim of the project was to reduce the readmissions of heart failure patients within 30 days by applying standardized interventions before discharge from the hospital, during discharge from the hospital, and in the home.

Veta Health joined the collaboration in December 2019 to explore the usability, workflow integration, and patient engagement capabilities of the company’s digital heart failure Care Pathway. The solution combined remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology with digital disease management tools to deliver a protocol-based Care Pathway for heart failure patients at Saint Anna Hospital, and two affiliated general practitioner practices in the city of Eindhoven.

“Patients are able to check anytime how their blood pressure or weight is changing and respond to these changes quicker,” said Ramon van de Ven, cardiologist at Saint Anna Hospital. “That means they need to go to the hospital less often while staying healthier, alleviating stress for healthcare providers and creating a more efficient and enjoyable patient experience.”

Data was collected and integrated from patients, physicians, and caretakers. Patients received information in the form of texts, digital assessments and videos based on their custom-curated Care Pathway. Patients managed their condition and general well-being by recording relevant health indicators and any patient-reported outcomes data. They also had a direct connection to their care team in case any additional help was needed.

Overall, results were very positive, as outcomes revealed:

  • High patient satisfaction (7.8/10)
  • Support through patient empowerment/self-management enabled early intervention
  • Improved protocol adherence
  • Reduced burden in collecting vitals data

“With the Care4Hearts project being Veta Health’s first engagement in Europe, the program’s success was extremely empowering,” said Nora Zetsche, co-founder of Veta Health. “We are very grateful to Roche for the collaboration, and we look forward to conducting additional pilot projects in the cardiac field overall.”

For additional information on this partnership, download the white paper or contact us here.