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Introducing Prosper Dispatch: Veta Health's Streamlined Device Delivery and Logistics Solution

Siel Ju
February 5, 2024
February 5, 2024

A typical doctor's appointment lasts just 15 minutes, but our health and well-being depends on what we do all 24 hours of each day. Whether it's dietary choices or sleep habits, our day-to-day decisions play pivotal roles in our long-term health and overall quality of life, and patients have come to expect more home-based healthcare services. That’s why many health systems are investing in remote patient monitoring (RPM) programs. The goal is to go beyond the limits of traditional clinical settings to meet patients where they are, supporting healthier behaviors on a regular, continuous basis.

Unfortunately, healthcare systems grapple with numerous roadblocks when building remote care programs today. The process of selecting and procuring suitable healthcare devices for at-home use by patients can be intricate and time-consuming, while navigating logistics and distribution adds further complexities. Patient onboarding and engagement, as well as ongoing customization of patient care, isn’t always easy either.

Technical challenges abound too, with healthcare systems struggling to integrate device data into patient electronic medical records. Furthermore, the start-up costs of standing up new remote care programs can be prohibitively high. And as the demand for remote patient care grows, scalability starts to become an issue.

Enter Prosper Dispatch — a streamlined solution we’ve designed at Veta Health to revolutionize device-based remote patient monitoring. Leveraging our extensive experience in remote care, we've designed a service that renders the entire process affordable, straightforward, and accessible for hospital systems, healthcare providers, and patients alike.

Seamless Integration for Streamlined Operations

At the core of Prosper Dispatch is its turnkey approach — a low-investment solution for health systems that offers ease of use and high customizability for individual patients. Because Prosper Dispatch is integrated with Epic’s electronic medical record (EMR) system, healthcare organizations can save money and time by integrating remote monitoring devices into their existing EMR workflows without learning or building a new program. 

Prosper Dispatch is simple for individual healthcare providers to use too. Doctors can select monitoring devices tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient directly from the EMR patient record. This empowers health professionals to provide personalized care without the burdensome logistics of device procurement, compatibility, or shipping and handling. 

Cutting-Edge Technology for Advanced Monitoring

Prosper Dispatch also offers the latest and most effective in medical device technologies, prioritizing patient ease of use for increased adherence rates. Because ease of use for patients is prioritized, adherence rates are higher. With a curated collection of more than 60 best-in-class, cellular-enabled devices — ranging from scales and cuffs to wearables — Prosper Dispatch ensures seamless connectivity and enables health professionals to monitor patients remotely with precision. 

Veta Health has strategic partnerships with reputable device companies to prioritize credibility and reliability and ensure that health systems can trust the devices they use. Each device in the Prosper Dispatch lineup undergoes meticulous vetting to ensure it meets the highest standards for quality and compliance. 

Looking Ahead: The Future of Device-Based RPM

Prosper Dispatch not only addresses the current pain points in device monitoring but also positions health systems to embrace the evolving landscape of healthcare with confidence. Its innovative approach, seamless integration, and commitment to quality make it a transformative solution for health systems seeking to adopt and scale their RPM initiatives. 

To learn more about how Prosper Dispatch can elevate your health system's device monitoring capabilities, download our detailed brochure. Contact us to explore how Prosper Dispatch can be tailored to meet your healthcare system’s specific needs.

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