Roundup: Accenture’s 5 Digital Health Technology Trends for 2017

Margaux Gleber
August 9, 2017
January 17, 2024

Originally posted by Veta Health on August 9, 2017
By: Margaux Gleber

Digital breakthroughs are enabling healthcare enterprises to improve labor productivity, clinical outcomes and human experiences, according to Accenture Veta Health drives this change by extending and coordinating care beyond the clinical setting. We create digital strategies that motivate patients to take active roles in their health. Through connected technology, we unite patients and Care Teams, sparking a revolution of preventive care tactics. Our solution facilitates patient engagement, updates real-time health information, and improves health outcomes with ongoing collaboration, communication, and connectivity. The future of healthcare innovation is digital technologies that empower patient engagement. According to Technology for People, instead of people adapting to technology, people are shaping technology to adapt us. Accenture's recent report lists five digital health technology trends that point to a future of patient-centered healthcare. Below, I connect each trend to Veta Health’s platform features.  


Create positive changes for patient-centered care.

Our digital software allows care to be extended beyond the four walls of a doctor’s office. Patients can easily access personal health information in one place, communicate withtheir Care Team, and manage their health at home. The provider platform sends real-time alerts the Care Team when patients are at-risk for disease complications, enabling early health interventions to keep patients healthy.

“As technology becomes simpler, smarter and interfaces are more usable to consumers, it improves the customer experience.”

Take action when needed. Add value, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.Physicians are able to quickly deploy tailored Care Plans across multiple chronic illnesses. Once a patient is enrolled, the Care Team can view patient vitals, compliance, and progress, allowing for continuous support to effectively co-manage diseases. From driving down costs to lowering hospital readmissions, our tactics benefit the entire healthcare continuum. “Collaboration can improve loyalty and market share at a time when there is increasing pressure to drive down the cost of care.”   Drive better health results. Create greater flexibility for your practice.Our digital solution reduces the effort and tedium of care management. Physicians can collaborate with their Care Team and easily integrate workflows. Facilitate collaboration, measure system-wide performance, and enhance care coordination while confirming regulatory compliance and quality. “Online platforms make it easier to rapidly match supply and demand of skills to get work done on demand in a decentralized way.” Be informed about health changes outside of the clinical setting. Our user-friendly app records vitals, tracks medication compliance, has secure messaging, and administers patient reported outcome measures. This empowers patients to actively participate in their own health management to reach health goals outside of the clinical setting. “From depositing checks via your smartphone to making dinner reservations online, people want to use self-service to take care of business.”   Integrate your practice and devices, because connectivity matters.Sync EHRs to our platform for tailored, HIPAA-compliant care. Encrypted data storage across multiple healthcare ecosystems improves efficiency and reduces costs. “Consumer and clinician expectations are also changing at a rapid pace alongside technology change, creating a perfect storm of healthcare transformation.”