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Examining Revenue Generation Associated with Providing a High-quality RPM Program

March 24, 2022
January 17, 2024

The results underscored the importance of incorporating both digital and clinical care into an RPM program. Ninety-seven percent used their device ≥ 16 days per month, which in turn generated revenue for the practice.

Veta Health partnered with Cardiology and Vascular Associates, P.C. (CAVA) to examine revenue generation associated with providing high-quality patient care via our virtual care platform ("Prosper") and its accompanying clinical services.

Equipped with cellular-enabled scales, the study population adhered to measuring their weight daily and received reminders if they forgot to do so. In return, Veta Health's RPM Care Team monitored their measurements for early warning of fluid buildup so that treatment changes could be made by their provider, if indicated.      

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