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ATA Nexus 2024: Navigating the Next Wave of Telehealth

Siel Ju
June 5, 2024
June 5, 2024

Technology can revolutionize healthcare, but not everyone is convinced that changes will be for the better. In fact, 63% of people believe technology could make healthcare worse!

That’s according to CVS Health executive vice president Sree Chaguturu, who shared this statistic at the American Telemedicine Association’s Nexus conference in Phoenix earlier this month. The number is a wake-up call for those of us committed to virtual care: Building trust in these technologies is crucial.

At Veta Health, we're committed to building that trust. That's why we were front and center at this virtual care event, sharing our unique approach to scaling remote patient monitoring (RPM) and taking in the latest ideas and breakthroughs in telehealth. Here are the key ideas we took away from the conference:

Challenges Facing Healthcare and Telehealth

It’s no secret that the current healthcare landscape is fraught with challenges. High costs combined with an aging population and stagnant life expectancy rates are of serious concern. Then, we’ve got technology-related challenges: low patient engagement with online portals, restrictive state licensure laws that impede telehealth adoption, and complex reimbursement policies. 

These issues all demand innovative solutions. At the same time, we're facing a nursing shortage crisis, and the high burnout rates are only making it worse, impacting the quality of care across the board.

Opportunities for Telehealth Transformation

Yet these challenges can also catalyze change — and many changes are already underway. For one, new groundbreaking technologies using artificial intelligence (AI) are streamlining everything from patient diagnostics and treatment plans to time-consuming paperwork. 

Simultaneously, wearable devices are getting smarter and easier to use, collecting health data around the clock and putting patients in control of their well-being. We're even seeing virtual and augmented reality in the operating room and patient rooms, offering new solutions for surgical training, education, and therapy.

Relatedly, virtual nursing can leverage technology to deliver care remotely, easing the workload on in-person staff to increase efficiency and prevent burnout. Telehealth plays an essential role in enabling this shift. RPM in particular can reduce hospital readmissions, improve chronic disease management, and empower patients to take an active role in their health.

For patients, this means a more personalized and connected care experience with consistent support, treatment plans tailored to their specific needs, and a greater sense of control over their health journey. For providers, digital tools enable proactive interventions and deeper insights into each patient's health. 

We at Veta Health left ATA Nexus 2024 energized and inspired. The conference confirmed what we already knew: Virtual care is an essential part of healthcare, and it's evolving faster than ever. We're committed to staying at the forefront of this revolution, and here's what we see as the most critical areas to focus on:

  • Proof Over Promises: We need to make sure digital health tools deliver on their promises and work for everyone.
  • Building Trust: Transparency and clear communication are key, along with a focus on protecting patient privacy.
  • Teamwork: Doctors, tech experts, policymakers, and insurance folks — everyone needs to work together to improve telehealth.
  • Embracing Change: Telehealth is evolving fast, and we need to stay ahead of the curve to make the most of it.

The future of healthcare is hybrid, and innovation in virtual car  is essential to remain relevant. It's not enough to just talk about change. We need to embrace it by staying adaptable, innovating fearlessly, and always putting the patient first. 

Were you at ATA Nexus 2024? Share your takeaways and insights. Together, let's shape a brighter, more accessible healthcare landscape for everyone.

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